Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My Dream

Assalamualaikum wahai sahabatku yang dirindui sekalian kerana ALLAH, sekian lama iman mendiamkan diri dalam penulisan, sebenarnya bukan mendiamkan diri tapi 'busy' dengan tugasan dan juga majlis-majlis bersama para Ulama' .   *sooory eh,biasala MAHASISWA*  haha poyo jea bunyi.. dan kali ini iman muncul disini untuk berkongsi lagi tentang DREAM. Haaaaaaa entry kali ni berbeza sebab penulisan iman dalam bahasa english tau, tapi bukan bermaksud iman ni hebat dalam english naaa... Moga bermanfaat.

When I was a child, my teachers and parents said to me, ‘people who have no dreams of the future will not go far’. That is because of those inspiring words from my parents and teachers, I am inspired to be an ulama. Actually, when I was a kid my dream is to be a pilot, and as the time goes by, my dreams change, and then I wanted to be a president, a soldier, a lawyer and other interesting dreams. But now I grew up, and now I know what I want to be. 
In our life, there are many important things that always been ignored. Sometimes, the non important things get more attention by human rather than an important things. Actually, the thing that I am mentioning about is DREAMS. What is dream? Do you have a dream? What do you want to achieve and how much time will you spend to make sure your dream becomes a reality.
Everyone have their own dream just like me. My dream is to be a very knowledgeable man as I want to separate the idea of ‘ahlus Sunnah  wal Jama’ah’ among the society and my dream to see Malaysia to be like the era of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. This is the path that I choose as nowadays, Malaysia has been influence by the idea’s of Syiah and Wahabiy, and their ideology brought a very bad influence the Muslims. That’s why I want to be like Al Muhadith Al Musnid Dato’ Syeikh Muhammad Fuad Bin Kamaluddin al Maliki as Sanusi. To overcome the wrong ideology and bring back the beauty of Islam to the society. To ensure my dream becomes a reality, I should learn more about ‘Ahlul Sunnah’  . Dream is something that all of us need to have. It is our vision. Dream is what you want to do for your future. I believe that having a great dream, is a must to us.

I know it is not simple but I know I can achieve it. I feel like this is my destiny. This is why I came to this world.  I do not know when or how I am going to achieve this. But it will not be easy. I am studying in college right now. I will try my best to achieve my dream job in the future, and if I fail or I have problems with my studies, I will keep on dreaming to overcome the problem and keep believing I will have a good life in the future. Sir Kamil said that failure is the greatest teaching. I know in order to pursue my dream, I will face failures. This cannot be stopped. Even past scientists and professors face failures when they are trying to create a great formula that is remained to be used till today.
              Like I said before, it is very important to have a big dream. It is not wrong. Even if you don’t achieve it later, just make it as your vision. Dream can help you to prepare and face this challenging world. What am I going through now is just the start. I’ll find the keys. I am still trying to open the door. When I finally did, I will not hesitate.

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